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The 6 Advanced Vape Tricks That Would Make You Look Like A Pro

Remember the first time that you saw a smoke trick? Maybe it was in a movie, a music video, or a friend was showing off to you. In the previous article, we have briefly introduced some simple vape tricks. If you haven’t read it yet, then the vape tricks mentioned in this article will be difficult for you to understand. In order to help you learn the following advanced tricks more quickly, click here to check out the previous content first:The 4 Coolest Vape Tricks Guide For Beginner Level.

Once you’ve aced the easy tricks list, challenge yourself to move onto more advanced tricks. That’s why we decided to update you with a new list of vape trick tutorials that will make your friends believe you to be a true magician. Are you ready? Let’s get into it!

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How Do You Do Tornado Vape Trick?

Last article, I shared how to do ghost. Now, let’s talk about the tornado vape trick.

The first thing you need to know is how to “spill.” This essentially is just allowing the vapour to fall out of your mouth after you take a draw. By letting it “spill” you are not exhaling the vapour or blowing it out. A simple opening and closing of your mouth should get you started with the “spill.”  There are two different ways to try this, one is a little bit tougher and the other way is definitely for beginners.

The Hard Way: You allowed the vapour to spill out of your mouth directly onto a level table. The vapour needs to be flat against the table. It will slowly spread.

The Easy Way: You require a vacant glass. You will spill the vapour directly into the empty glass, filling it up completely. Then just tip the glass as well as pour the vapour out onto the table, similar to you would any liquid.

Both of these initial alternatives bring about the very same result. After you are able to accomplish this, then you are ready to proceed.

The last step appears to be the easiest. When the vapour has been “splashed” onto a table (utilizing either of the above methods), you prepare to make the “hurricane.” This is done by dragging your hand on the table, with your pinky finger touching the table, as well as turning your hand in an upward fashion as your hand goes into the vapour. This will create the twist in vapour appearing like a tornado. Anyway, please remember to achieve a perfect tornado need to takes a ton of practice.

How Do You Do The Vape Bubble Vape Trick?

For this sweet trick, you’ll require a couple of materials: added soapy water, your vape (naturally), and a toilet paper roll without paper.

How to do it: Dip one end of the TP roll into the soapy water and also hint it up as you would certainly a bubble stick. Take a fairly long pull from your e-cigarette as well as gradually breathe out right into the TP roll. When your bubble is large sufficient to suit your fancy, poke it to release the vapour from the evil walls of the bubble.

How Do You Vape O Rings?

Based on the age-old smoke rings trick but revamped for vaping, “smoke rings” form the basis of many of the more ambitious tricks described in the advanced section. They are one of the most popular vape tricks, but take a lot of time and practice to master.

Obviously, the first thing you need for you to blow smoke rings is a vaping device. The second thing you need is a nice, calm environment because the moving air will certainly disrupt the delicate vapour, while still, air will certainly allow a smoke ring to grow to its full magnificence and also stick around for some time after that. Now that you have resolved every one of that, you prepare to blow smoke rings.

How to do it: Take a pull on your vape and inhale it into your throat. Keep your tongue at the bottom of your mouth, towards the back of your throat and form around ‘O’ shape with your lips. Then push a small amount of vapour out using your throat in a short pulsing motion, similar to a subtle cough. The size of the O you make with your lips correlates to the vapour ring you’ll produce. If you’re going for some fat doughnuts, be sure to tuck your lips in, instead of pushing them out—which is a common newbie mistake.

How Do You Bend A Vape?

Demonstrate your mastery of the O ring with a vape bend. This is a way of manipulating the O to direct it wherever you wish. Chances are you have seen this one around, as it is one of the most popular vape tricks ever. This trick is what separates the beginners from the seasoned pros.

How to do it: Cup your hand next to your mouth and blow an O ring. Then follow the O with your hand, gently directing it where you want it to go. With practice, you can start to spin the O and do more advanced versions such as the Infinite Bend and the Shark Bend.

How Do You Do The Bull Ring Vape Trick?

Use vapour to create a pain-free, non-permanent ring through your nose. This one requires some precision and will probably look even more impressive if you already have a permanent ring going through your nose.

Bull Rings are the next step up from learning how to Blow O’s. Once you’ve got this skill mastered, you can learn how to reel your “O” back in through your nostrils, to make it look like a bull’s ring. It’s like a smoke version of a septum piercing.

How to do it: Blow a thick medium-sized O then lean in and use your nostrils to inhale the top part of the ring, creating the illusion of a bull ring through your nose. This is best practised in front of a mirror.

How Do You A Atomic Bomb Vape Trick?

Atomic Bomb Vape Trick, also known as Mushroom Cloud. Similar to the Bull Ring, the Atomic Bomb starts with the production of dense Os.

How to do it: 

Casually blowing dense O’s towards your feet from a seated position, maintain awareness of the distance of your O. With a lightly produced O with dense vapour hovering mere inches from your tilted head, you are ready to finish with an Atomic Bomb.

Blow light Os, because you will want to ensure you still have a hefty amount of vapour left in your closed mouth. At this point, you should begin blowing un-inhaled vapour directly through the centre of your downward-facing O.

As you begin to master dropping extra vapour through your downward-facing O, you will see the formation of a mushroom-style cloud or atomic bomb. However, when you’ve mastered the formation of the downward-facing Mushroom Cloud, it’s truly the engagement of a deep inhale to catch the explosion aspect of the Atomic Bomb in rewind.

You now have all the tips and instructions required to do the advanced vape tricks. Focus on the basics, build your skillset, and check out our site Vapepenzone for quality supplies. And a word to the wise, be sure to practice your vaping skills in the right place and at the right time. Also, keep honing and testing your skills – you may even invent some tricks of your own. We look forward to you becoming the next amazing vape trick expert!

Finally, if you like our article, please bookmark it! If there is something we need to improve, please remember to leave us a message. We will make changes and bring you better content!

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