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A Weak Voice For the Legalization of Vaping

Hey, how’s it going guys, this is Vapepenzone – Vaping Online Vape Store again,

an article/interview about me, which was published in a Westernn newspaper and then Shared legitimately by vaping, caused “drama”.

It was shared by me via Legalise vaping link. It was then deleted by admin. That’s old news, as it appears they have turned over a new leaf.

So why was I so peeved about the situation in the first place? Well Because in our state (WA) vaping is still illegal, our head of Tobacco from the health Dept has said Nicotinewill not be issued in prescriptions, and we do not have a regulated industry here in WA as it is illegal to sell a working vapouriser. Our government is currently reviewing vaping’s status in our state.

For us, it is the most important time in the history of vaping. We are working very hard to affect the outcome of this review, and the more social pressure we can put on our government the better.

This recent outbreak of black market THC carts in the US has already led to knee jerk legislation being rolled out OVERNIGHT in entire states that are banning ALL non Tobacco flavors, New Zealand is considering restricting Nicotinestrengths to no more than 20mg, that could be the end of NZ Nicotineimports for individuals, America is having similar considerations.

Vaping desperate for a voice. That is why.

Have a great day, keep vaping and keep advocating.

From Rikki Smedley

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