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Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

A Beginner’s Guide Of RELX Infinity: The Most Promising Vape In 2021

Hola, my friends! Welcome to visit my blog post! Electronic cigarettes have become a trend today. It has become the fashion choice of more young people. Faced with a huge vape market and many products, at the end, which vape is more worth starting. Therefore, today I would like to introduce you to one of the most popular vapes – RELX Infinity. Come with me to see it!

RELX Infinity

The RELX Infinity is a vape suitable for the beginner and it takes prefilled shells. The RELX Capsule Pro pods hold 1.9 mL of juice and also come in a range of flavours and Nicotinestrengths.

black relx infinity


Dimensions: 112 mg x 23 mg x 10 mg

Battery: 380 mAh

Charge time: 45 minutes

Activation: Draw activated

Charger type: USB Type C

Pod material: FEELM Ceramic Maze coil

Pod capacity: 1.9 mL

Pod weight: 7 grams

Pod life span: appx. 500 – 600 puffs


The RELX Infinity device recently awarded the Red Dot Design Award for its prestigious design. The surface is metallic aluminium and also satin smooth. the LED logo is a SmartPace alarm system that provides an additional structural layer to the layout. In addition, Infinity devices feature the new RELX Pods Pro. These next-generation enclosures utilize 11 layers as well as a labyrinthine structure to trap the condensation These leak-proof pods will keep your device and items clean.

Devices charge easily in two ways: simply plug in the Type-Charger or pogo-pin, which allows you to charge your device wirelessly with compatible Infinity accessories.

Pros & Cons

relx infinity black

How Does RELX Infinity Work?

Vape pens are usually electronic, and you activate them by pressing a button that engages the battery and turns on the device. Some vape pens like RELX products now feature a touch-free design, using only vibrations and indicators to interact with the user.

In general, the battery power heats the liquid in one of the chambers in the device through a wick. The wick usually consists of cotton. This process generates vapour, or more precisely, aerosols, which are inhaled by the user.

How To Charge RELX Infinity?

To charge the RELX, simply place the charging cable on the bottom of the device and plug it directly into your local power source. You should see the indicator light up and stay on during charging, and turn off when the battery is fully charged. It only takes 45-60 minutes to fully charge a RELX device, so it will be ready to use before you know it.

How Long Does It Take To Charge RELX Infinity?

The RELX Infinity uses a dual charging system that is designed for the best vaping experience. Battery life is essential to ensure that your vaping experience is smooth as well as trustworthy. You can fully charge the Infinity in 45 minutes, so it’s waiting for you all the time. When you need to bill, simply click it into a cordless instance as well as you can have up to 3 days of extra battery life. No cords, just satisfaction.

We designed this vape with you in mind. The cordless charging case is thin and also sleek, so it fits effortlessly in your pocket. This case is not just a vape battery charger, it is also an instance of bring. It also ensures that your vape stays clean when you travel, considering that the Infinity is kept in the case. Also, don’t stress, if you leave the case, you can still use the USB-C battery charger to quickly charge your RELX Infinity.

RELX Infinity Flavors Review

There are 9 flavours for RELX Infinity Pods selling now: Dark Sparkle (RELX Infinity cola), Fresh Red, Garden’s Heart, Golden Slice, Ludou Ice, Menthol Plus, Tangy Purple, Rich Tobacco, Exotic Passion.

menthol plus relx pod pro

Menthol Plus

That’s a heavy-hitting extremely amazing menthol flavour, with a spearmint or peppermint twist. It’s nothing uncommon, but it might be a wonderful option for those coming from smoking menthol cigarettes.

fresh red relx pod

Fresh Red

It’s a simple watermelon flavour with a bit of mint in the background. It’s not too sweet, and outside of the cooling part, it’s a very balanced flavour. I like this one. Refreshing and very misty in the summer.

tangy purple relx pod

Tangy Purple

Interesting flavour. I like it a lot, but I don’t think it’s for everyone. It’s mostly grape flavoured, but the way grapes are usually explained in e-juice. It feels like a full-blown version of the grape DIY e-liquid I’ve been working on in the past.

ludou ice relx infinity pod

Ludou Ice

I had to google this because it tasted like a whole new experience for me. It turns out that it recreates an Asian dessert where the main ingredient is mung beans. This must be an acquired taste. I guess if you know what mung beans are and you like it, it might be something you’d like. But that wasn’t the case for me.

dark sparkle relx pod

Dark Sparkle

Last but not least, one of the best cola flavours I have ever had. It may be the only Coke flavour I’ve enjoyed so far! To top it off, they use a moderate amount of cooling device, which also makes me feel a bit stuffy. This flavour is a winner and I already plan to buy some extra pods.

raspy ruby relx infinity pod

Raspy Ruby

This is a straightforward menthol raspberry flavour and one of the least complex flavours in the line. I’m not a big fan of raspberry smoke, but I kind of like this one. I just found it to be a little too fancy for my taste.

gardens heart relx pod

Garden’s Heart

It’s a cool strawberry milk flavour that sounds a little weird on paper, but it kind of works. It’s not my favourite, but I like the strawberry they use here, and it feels like the least menthol-y flavour in the batch. On the other hand, this may be one flavour they could have avoided using menthol for.

golden slice relx pod

Golden Slice

This and Dark Sparkle are two of my favourites. It’s a very refreshing mango flavour that I enjoyed so much that I ate two 5% pods in one day. To be fair, you can’t mess up mango in e-liquids these days, but that shouldn’t take away from the fact that they’ve put it in a solid position.

exotic passion relx pod

Exotic Passion

A truly exotic flavour that is hard to beat! Feel the passion with RELX Classic Pod Exotic Passion featuring flavours of juicy passion fruit with a refreshing exhale of mint.

Want to know to learn more about RELX Infinity? You are welcomed to visit our website, you can check on ‘RELX Infinity Review‘ for more details. 

Moreover, if you want to get your hands on an Infinity, we have a RELX Infinity starter kit and different flavoured pods for you. In addition, we offer you disposable vape as well as RELX compatible vape devices at affordable prices.

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