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5 Things NOT To Do When Using a Relx Vape

Hello everyone and welcome, this is Vapepenzone – Relx vape & pods online store again. I believe that most of the time, using your Relx vape is a lot of fun, but there’s a lot to learn. Even myself, I had a hard time grasping a few things when I first started using it. Today we’re going to cover a few things that Relx vape users tend to make and how you can avoid them. 

What Can You Not Do When Using a Relx vape?

1 Do not use the Relx pods repeatedly several times. 

An uneven black sticky substance that builds around your heating components can hinder cloud production, flavor production, and even scorch the cotton resulting in dry hits. Why is this? Most of the time, the black gunk that coats your coils. Now the market comes from a built-up of various sweeteners in the e-liquid. Most companies that provide a liquid used pure cyka lose. As sweetener, these sugars stick and burn the coil over time, building up and creating that troublesome gunk. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to return the smooth, even flavor. The most effective way is to replace the pods altogether, this will fix any missing flavors or burnt taste. It would help if you returned your seeds every time you finish it, maybe one day or one week, depending on your vaping habits. 

2 Do not vape the same flavor all the time. 

It’s a commonly known fact that smell accounts for up to 70% perceived flavor. The olfactory sense loses its perception of an aroma the longer it’s exposed to it. If you’re vaping the same Relx pods flavor all the time, eventually, it’s going to be less vibrant than it originally was. You’ll feel it’s losing the taste. If you want to fight the flavor of fatigue, switch it up a little bit, use this as an opportunity to experiment with new characters, take a break from your all-day-vape, you can always come back to it later. Now a vaporous tongue effect happens when you unexpectedly lose the ability to taste a vape juice; this is a nearly universal phenomenon as most vapors will experience it from time to time. It typically lasts from 1 to 3 days but can persist for up to a full two weeks without being able to taste your vapes. A simple way to get rid of vapors tongue, drink more water, cut back on caffeine alcohol and smoking, switch juices or tribe mentholated or cooling flavor. Want to try other flavors? View other flavors review: Let’s Share Your Flavor Reviews Of Relx Pods!

3 Do not discharge your batteries over and over again. 

Keeping your batteries charged is right for your device. As you used your Relx vape, the battery last band degrades slightly with every charge cycle. It happens to all lithium-ion batteries after 200 charging cycles your battery capacity will degrade by 20%, the biggest killer for every cell is heat and cold. So it is better to avoid extreme temperatures. Also, try not to drain your Relx vape battery to 0%, or charging it to 100%. Lithium-ion batteries are happiest if you keep them above 20% capacity, and below 90%, to be extremely precise, they’re happiest around 50%. Why up keeping your batteries is essential? Even before the cells are empty, you may notice that the vapor produced by your device will also become weaker; this can lead to a lower dispersion rate of Nicotine. You can begin to feel withdrawal symptoms a solution to this? is to keep your charger on as much as possible. This will ensure that your device is consistently performing at its optimal level. Learn more about vapes battery tips: 11 Vape Battery Safety Tips You Should Know

4 Do not get the wrong pods. 

There are many compatible pods with different e-juice flavors out there. Finding the perfect compatible pods to you is very important because using the wrong Relx pods will not only get vapor and taste but also cause equipment damage, battery damage, and other problems. I don’t think it is necessary to damage a Relx vape just because I bought a slightly cheaper pod. It would be better to choose perfect fit pods with similar strength. Don’t worry, and there are also many 100% compatible pods for Relx pods now.

5 Make sure your Relx pods are always saturated with e-juice. 

Now the coil in your vape is one of the most critical parts. Coils are generally wire that heats a juice that gets absorbed by cotton now; it’s vital to make sure that all the cloth is saturated with a liquid before firing it or you could burn the cotton, thus creating a terrible, terrible experience.

Apart From Relx Vape, What Else Should I Pay Attention?

Also, I believe that many people will use some other brands or types of equipment in addition to Relx vape. Some problems may not be encountered when using it, but the problems or errors that you will encounter in vaping also need to be very careful.

1 Do not vape around other people. 

In general, it’s best to avoid vaping in private businesses, restaurants, or bars, unless explicitly told otherwise. Many people vape in their homes, as vaporizers do not leave a lingering smell in the room like tobacco products. In social situations, it is best to ask those around you if they mind if you vape. While vaping is becoming more and more popular, many people are unfamiliar with the concepts. Studies have shown that secondhand vapor poses no health risks, but many people may be unaware of this and get upset if you vape around them. So the same is when using Relx vape.

2 Do not get the wrong device.

There are hundreds of different devices on the market that all perform differently. And they range from very compact small devices are meant to simulate a cigarette to extensive box mods that are meant for plumes of vapor. Now, if you’re looking to start vaping as an alternative to smoking, then I recommend a small and compact device, like Relx vape, because it’s going to be the most familiar to you. 

3 Do not get the wrong e-juice. 

Similar to devices, there are hundreds upon hundreds of different e-juice flavors out there. Finding the perfect character to you is very important because it’s something that you’re going to be the tasting day in and day out, but more important than the flavor itself would be the actual Nicotine strength. Finding the right Nicotine strength is a crucial step in quitting smoking, getting a Nicotine strength that’s too high will be too harsh, and a Nicotine strength as too low won’t give you that satisfaction that you’re looking for. Nicotine strength is a very subjective thing because there are a lot of different factors to it, like the type of device you’re using, and how many cigarettes you smoke a day. Yeah, so I spoke about two cigarettes a day, so can I get this in 18 milligrams? Now, if you’re having a bit of trouble finding your right Nicotine strength, we will cover more in-depth into it later. One beautiful thing is that if you order e-juice off of our website, we have custom Nicotine strengths most other places, have your typical 0 3 6 12 18 30. And we’ve heard a lot of people say that 12mg is too harsh, but 6 isn’t enough well on our website. You can also DIY your juice and adjust it to your personal taste and feel. But our site has a choice of 0-3%. I believe there will be something you like.

4 Do not become overwhelmed. 

Walking into a vape shop or even shopping online for the first time can be a little intimidating, and it ultimately makes sense because there are hundreds of different options to choose from, and you don’t know which one’s right for you. One piece of advice that I like to give to people is trying not to get overwhelmed when you’re first starting to vape. The actual concept of vaping is straightforward once you get the hang of it. I found it took me about a week before as comfortable with my vape, but after that, it was almost like second nature. Now if you’re feeling a little lost in the process of starting vaping, please please please feel free to contact us, and you can contact us through email or on any of our social media platforms, and we’ll help you through the process.

And that about wraps up this blog now. Have you encountered any problems while vaping or using Relx vape? Have you ever bought wrong Relx pods or made any mistakes while vaping? Your comments and contributions are welcome. Maybe you have the same experience and can share it. If you like this blog, please be sure to hit like button below and hit subscribe to stay up to date with our latest blogs. As always, we will see you in the next blog.  

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